Paint Protection

1. Solid protection from "HEAT" "ACID" "UV"

- Long lasting effect. One application will last 2-3 years.

- Reduced deterioration caused by engine or sun heat

- It's a glass film which provides strong protection against acid rain and bird dropping

- Protection from UV

2. Protects your vehicle body by coating with a glass film

Protects against scratches caused by dust. Often scratches on cars are formed when driving the vehicle hitting dust and brake dust. Glass film will provide protection for your vehicle from these causes

3. Uses the latest Japanese technology glass coating

Provides greater effect and is longer lasting compared to conventional coatings.Even in extreme weather temperatures reaching as low as -20°C and as high as 40°C our paint protection has proven to be effective. It has been tested for more than 10 years and has constantly improved in quality and performance reaching a result second to none.

Standard Wash

What's paint protection?

Paint protection builds a coating on top of painted surfaces, unlike conventional wax which is weak against heat and UV radiation which can cause deterioration from the sun's and a vehicles engine heat. wax will be effective for 2-3 months whereas paint protection which adds a harder surface on top of the painted area. Paint protection will protect your vehicles paint against heat, UV radiation, acid rain, dust scratches and will be effective for 2 to 3 years.

Why do you need paint protection?

The Pros of Paint protection
1. Provides a stain resistant coating which results in reduced dirt build up
2. Protects paint from acid rain and bird droppings
3. Sets a hard film layer to protect from small scratches
4. Remains effective for a long period of time hence keeping your
cars paint protected long term.

The biggest difference between regular wax or other methods of car maintenance and paint protection apart from lasting a much longer period, is that paint protection will give your vehicle a natural lustre. If a more shinny finish is what you are after, we can add the "Karumba WAX" on top of the glass coating of the paint protection. "Karumba WAX" is a special type of wax which will give your vehicle with an additional touch of shine.

VIP Wash

Is paint protection cost effective?

The simple answer is YES. Reasons being as mentioned earlier it lasts for 2-3 years and also reduces the constant cost of having your vehicle waxed. As it will protect the colour of your vehicle it can potentially achieve a higher resale value.
A record of each service will be kept assisting you to keep track of the condition of your vehicle at any time.

Price range

Coating fee $900 (all types of vehicles) + Polish fee $135/per hour
Average prices
3 door hatchback $900 (Coating fee) + $500 (Polish fee 4h) Total $1400+GST
Sedan $900 (Coating fee) + $650 (Polish fee 5h) Total $1550+GST
SUV $900 (Coating fee) + $800 (Polish fee 6h) Total $1700+GST

Price will be depend on your vehicle's condition
After paint protection we recommend a standard car wash every 2 to 4 weeks to keep and maintain the best result for paint protection.

Why choose First Class Car Care?

Established in Vaucluse since1996 We take price in our experience and expertise. Constantly servicing high end vehicles including the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley.

Our Company group consists of mechanical service centres as well as a smash repair centre. We have a long and trusted history in detailing and washing cars.
We have spent more than 6 months testing more than 10 different types of products, after experiencing and performing actual tests on site we have come up with the best option. Taking pride in all our work, all proper procedures are followed and none of our work is rushed. Before applying the foundation layer of the paint protection vehicles are thoroughly washed and cleaned. In order to achieve the best possible result, we will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a form describing what will be done as well as a time guide and price. While applying paint protection on your vehicle, images will be taken and documented before, during and after each step. An individual vehicle certificate will be provided after completion of the paint protection. Certificate will include
・Introduction certificate of glass coating application
・Process report
・Maintenance record